Customization – Making the Product Yours

For personal branding and customization, we offer a variety of ways to take a product in our offering and add a specific branding design. We can decal, engrave, pad print, and brand (literally!) our items to meet your needs from special promotions to just saying thank you to your employees. Our marketing team will work with you on the design, placement, and production of any branding you may need.


·         Trek-Specialized-Raleigh

·         Custom decal any bike with company logo

·         Virtual mock ups done at no charge

·         One time set up charge per logo configuration

·         Lead time is generally 2 weeks from submission of artwork and approval of proof

·         Will keep decals in stock once produced and can logo bikes, as needed, over an extended period of time


·         Fully Customized Reaction Brand Bike

·         Models include beach cruiser and full suspension mountain bike

·         Inexpensive

·         Any color with multiple logo placements

·         Full containers delivered right to clients’ facilities

·         90 to 110 day lead time (approx.. 60 days on reorders)

·         Must buy full container – one piece shipments or flexible quantities not available

·         No pre-assembly or tools included


Pad Printing

·         Order minimum of 25 pieces

·         About 2 weeks turnaround time from approval

·         Drop shipment is available at additional cost

·         Products packaged in blister packs will be sliced for product removal


Blue Ridge Chairs

·         Screen print on the fabric backing or hot brand on the wood

·         No set-up or screen charges


Laser Engraving

·         Order minimum of 50 pieces

·         Products ship direct from the printer

·         2 week turnaround from approval

Success Stories


1.) Beer Branding

Looking to give distributors a bike to promote their product in the spring, a prominent beer company needed our help finding the right item to help their promotions. Together, we developed, designed, and placed a decal on a Trek mountain bike. Giving the company a good branding opportunity on a quality Trek bike, the company began their promotion. Within 30 days of beginning the promotion, Zane’s fulfilled an almost constant, on demand stream of orders for the branded bike – the program tripled in size from the original projection. With Zane’s prompt service and shipping, the beer company had one of the most successful loaders in years.


2.) Tool Company

A tool company selling  through independent dealers needed a way to promote their new tool kit to those dealers without keeping the promotion program too short. Zane’s not only helped design a co-branded Trek bike label (including decals and a custom seat) but also provided the ability to keep the program running well past the original few month projection. The tool company doubled their original forecast for sales on their new tool kits.


3.) Energy Bar

Wanting to promote their new energy bar to supermarkets, a well-known energy bar company asked Zane’s to decal Trek mountain bikes and dropship each to grocery store that bought a certain amount of stock of that new bar. Our pre-assembly process made it easy for store employees to reassemble the bikes – they were built and displayed in minutes functioning  as cap end displays and consumers could enter a sweepstakes for the chance to win 1 of 100 Trek bikes. Once winners were chosen, we took it from there– we contacted each winner, determined their proper size, built, test rode, and shipped every bike. The winners were happy and spoke positively of their experience with Zane’s as well as the energy bar company. Ultimately, we shipped close to 1500 bikes.